• TBA


  • Baton Rouge Gallery Surreal Salon 8 Group Show                  (January 4th 2016)
  • The Cotton Candy Machine Brooklyn Bienniel Group Show (December 12th 2015)
  • Green Point Brooklyn Gallery Group Show                                      (July 2014)



my name's Gaius (Guy-is), & I'm a Fine Artist, Illustrator, & Muralist.


My Primary focus is the preservation of memories. Whether they be accurately preserved or skewed by biased embellishment. I'm exploring themes of inner human emotion & self awareness, through memory recollection & manipulation. They say "The past is a foreign country.",  I want to study it as a life long pursuit to both become more self aware & preserve the things I can't let go off. Neil Degrasse Tyson once said "We are forever prisoners locked in the present moment transitioning from our past to our future." My work has become a time machine allowing me to flow freely forward, backwards, & even sometimes frozen in memories that I can't let go off.


Born & raised in Brooklyn, NY, Gaius has followed his guts toward an art-immersed life. After attending & graduating from LaGuardia School of the Arts, he went on to study chemistry in college, under pressure to pursue a “conventional” degree. When he felt the path of science felt inauthentic to him, he dropped out, left home, & was homeless, sleeping on friends’ couches. While trying to make ends meet, an old painting he gifted a friend was viewed by a patron of the arts, who ended up contacting Gaius via Facebook. It took Gaius two months to respond, because he didn't own a computer at the time. However, when he did get in touch with the patron, it started a chain of events that allowed Gaius to express his creativity & story, & to be financially stable. 


I  document profound memories as accurately as possible with photographs and my iPhone's note ap, but sometimes memories like love & heart break contain too much emotion for me to be as accurate I as should. I combine objects, facial characteristics, words, personality traits, architecture, tone, & themes I've photographed or written down in my notes & stylalize them to make an abstract creature &/or scenery. This process to me is me translating the memories into an obscure visual langue. A langue I alone am fluent in. 


I seal most of my work inside layers of bolted acrylic glass. I prefer using mixed media (paint, color pencil, holographic cutouts, graphite)